OPTUM Health Response to COVID-19

OPTUM Health Response to COVID-19

We have been receiving multiple questions regarding COVID testing of contracted staff, such OPTUM ARNPs, Hospice and Homecare staff, agency staff.  We reached out to Casey Fowler, Director of Clinical Operations at Optum, and LeadingAge WA Leadership Institute Alumni,  for an update on the COVID-19 response they are taking when going to buildings.

Here are the precautions being taken right now for Optum employees.

  • All of the NPs will have a COVID 19 test this week. They are happy to share results before entering and test at intervals as needed.
  • The NPs will be self-screening each morning and logging it in a cell phone app. The app will render a decision based on temperature and other symptoms regarding going into work.

o   This app will allow Optum to order and submit COVID testing for any symptomatic staff members.

o   If they have a positive staff member, they will communicate that with all buildings proactively to discuss results, when they were last in the building and what patients were seen in the most recent week.

  • Optum staff are masking at all times when in a building to protect residents and staff. They provide theirr own PPE.

We would like to thank Optum for their continued partnership with LeadingAge WA and the precautions they are taking to protect the resident and staff at LeadingAge WA member communities.




Laura Hofmann, MSN, RN – Director of Clinical and Nursing Facility Regulatory Services
c: 425-231-4804