Emergency Preparedness App

LeadingAge Washington has developed an Emergency Preparedness App for members. This App has resources, customized for Washington state, that you can use to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies. It also enables you to securely host your necessary emergency documents and share them with key team members and community partners. Please contact Pat Sylvia if you are a member, need login instructions, or need assistance with the App.  To view visit  here.

Additional Emergency Preparedness Tools and Resources from LeadingAge 


Disaster Resident Relocation Plan

LeadingAge Washington members are dedicated to supporting each other, especially in a time of need. Each year, members participate in the Disaster Relocation Plan as part of the many ways to be prepared in the event of an emergency. ]

We encourage all of our members to participate in our Disaster Resident Relocation Plan. This document is instrumental in case of emergency relocation of your residents, and is a required aspect of your emergency preparedness plan under 42 CFR § 483.73 (b) (7)- Emergency Preparedness (Skilled Nursing and WAC 388-78A-2700 (1) (g) (iv) (Assisted Living)

CURRENT participating members –Resident Relocation Agreement Updated March 2023

Disaster Resident Relocation Agreement Community Resident Relocation Agreement

Questions or concerns, please contact Cassi at cmeritt@LeadingAgeWa.org.