Group Retrospective Ratings Program (Retro)

LeadingAge Washington has sponsored a retrospective rating program since 1983. The program has consistently been a leader in refund performance.  As of 2022 LeadingAge Washington’s current return comparison of its primary competitor is 38% vs. 11%.  More

Group Retrospective Rating Program

2021-2022 Best Performance Award: Loss Ratio

Through the expert management of our claims administrators and our members’ dedication to ensuring safe workplaces, our group has distinguished itself as a top performer, consistently surpassing similar Retro programs. If you are exploring retrospective rating for your health-care-related organization, we invite you to take a closer look at LeadingAge Washington’s Group Retrospective Rating Program (GRRP).

  • Experienced Claims Management: LeadingAge Washington’s TPA, Risk Finance, Inc. will provide expert management vs. simple monitoring of your workers’ compensation claims.
    • Benefits your organization’s bottom line: Your individual experience rating and retro refund performance is benefited by knowledgeable and effective claims management.
    • On line employer reporting: Your staff’s responsibility for claims reporting is made easier through an on-line reporting and document submission process.
    • Return to work: As a member of the LeadingAge Washington’s GRRP you are entitled to a full set of professionally prepared and L&I-compliant job analyses for return-to-work.
  • Litigation Support:  The L&I system is complex and litigious. As a member of LeadingAge Washington ’s GRRP you have a knowledgeable and very experienced lawyer on your side. There is no charge for claim staffing services and mediation services. If a case does go to hearing, you are entitled to our attorney’s services at ½ rate.
  • Safety: An annual safety inspection with a detailed inspection report will assist your safety committee to ensure a safe work place for your staff. A risk management manual is also provided to all members. Core rules, and industry specific regulations and instruction are at your fingertips.

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