Revised Nursing Home Rates and New COVID-19 Add-on

Revised Nursing Home Rates and New COVID-19 Add-on

DSHS has issued revised nursing home rates that now include a new COVID-19 add-on retroactive to July 1 as well as the correct Safety Net Assessment amount for all facilities.  Facilities were asked to stop billing so that the new rates could be loaded into the system and the department could process mass adjustments to correct claims already submitted.  You can find the revised rates here.

The new COVID-19 add-on is $13, utilizes CARES Act funding, and replaces the original $29 add-on that used enhanced FMAP as its funding source.

As this pandemic continues, we continue to pressure the department, OFM, and the Governor’s office to reinstate the original $29 COVID-19 add-on from the enhanced .  We encourage you to take a moment to tell your legislators and the Governor to say NO to cutting vitally important COVID funding needed to protect the lives of seniors and their health care workers.  You can call the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000, the Governor’s office at (360) 902-4111 or contact your legislator directly following the instructions here.  You can also contact the Governor here, and send the following message – 

“Enhanced FMAP COVID funding for the state’s Medicaid programs has saved lives! These funds have helped buy PPE, ensured adequate staffing and back up staffing, subsidized the cost of fit testing for masks, and paid for enhanced environmental services to keep residents safe. Say NO to efforts to cut COVID funding.”

At this time, contacting the Governor’s office will be the most effective.




David Carter, Director Health Care Finance & Policy

LeadingAge Washington
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