Provider Relief Fund – Medicaid/CHIP Allocation

Provider Relief Fund – Medicaid/CHIP Allocation

HHS has extended the deadline for Medicaid/CHIP providers to apply for the Provider Relief Fund.  Originally the deadline was this past Monday July 20th.  This deadline has now been extended to Monday August 3rd.  Eligible providers include but are not limited to assisted living, Medicaid-only nursing facilities, home and community-based services, and adult day centers, as long as they or their parent organization, under the same Tax Identification Number(TIN), did not receive a General Distribution from the Provider Relief Fund.  Providers paid by Medicaid managed care and/or under Medicaid waivers are also eligible to apply for this distribution.

For more information, providers can check out the LeadingAge Provider Relief Fund Explainer.  You may also find more information on the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund website.




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