Department Request for Ongoing COVID-19 Status Updates

Department Request for Ongoing COVID-19 Status Updates

Residential Care Services placed phone calls to all facility and agency providers between April 10 and April 13 asking questions about the COVID-19 status of the residents and clients, number of staff, census of the facility and agency, and whether their staff had been trained in COVID-19 testing. The information gathered from these calls was shared with the Department of Health and Local Health Jurisdictions to update these agencies with information about where Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and COVID-19 testing is needed. Having current information such as what was gathered from the calls is critical to informing the public health partners in resource deployment.

In order to keep this data set current, the Aging and Long-Term Support Administration has developed an on-line tool for providers and agencies so you can update your own information.

They are asking you to visit the website twice weekly, on Monday and Thursday by midnight, to update the COVID status of your residents and clients, staff numbers, census, and COVID-19 test kit training needs

ALTSA: ALF #2020-019

ALTSA: NH #2020-024




Laura Hofmann, MSN, RN
Director of Clinical and Nursing Facility Regulatory Services

c: 360-691-9281