Back to School

Fall is upon us and school is back in session. Along with the excitement of kids being back with their school friends comes the inevitable anxiety associated with evaluation and testing. With quizzes and testing in mind we thought it was the right time of the year to see where LeadingAge Washington’s members are relative to their safety and health programs.

Several months ago, we introduced you to our new loss control specialist Cathy Reineke. Since then, many of you have met Cathy as she has visited your communities. Based on Cathy’s inspection findings, we are, overall, very pleased with the commitment you have made to maintaining self and healthful workplaces. All the members she has visited get a passing grade which we hope relieves some of your test anxiety, if you haven’t yet been visited. That being said we can always improve. As you continuously evaluate your operations, from a safety standpoint, we thought it might be helpful to identify some common areas of concern, based on Cathy’s onsite visits, to date.