The Sentinel Network Needs to Hear From You!

The Sentinel Network Needs to Hear From You!

No matter the setting, the COVID-19 crisis is affecting your health care facility. What are your workforce experiences and concerns? 

The Washington State Legislature supports the Health Workforce Sentinel Network to help ensure your health workforce needs are heard. Share your concerns about supporting your staff and meeting the needs of patients and clients during this emergency and beyond.

A short set of questions about workforce needs during the COVID-19 crisis are included at the beginning of the survey. Please take a few minutes to respond to these unique questions. Then if you can take another approximately 10 – 15 minutes, the rest of the Sentinel Network questions will provide more detail about your workforce staffing and recruiting hurdles, common skill gaps, and other workforce challenges, changes and needs as well as your ideas and recommendations for solutions.

Whether you’ve participated before or this is your first time, your voice is critical to letting educators, planners and policymakers know about your organization’s health workforce needs.

Make your voice heard at

Thank you for being a Sentinel and sharing your experience!

The Sentinel Network works for you 
Since the launch of Sentinel Network in 2016, healthcare providers have identified common occupational skills they need—but can’t always get. Sentinels also provided feedback about changing healthcare roles, helping Washington’s education and training programs retool to reflect these changes. In 2019, the Legislature provided ongoing funding for the Sentinel Network, so we know policy makers are paying attention to this important tool. Check the findings dashboard to view what Sentinels have said to-date.

Your feedback is confidential
Please be assured that data you provide to the Sentinel Network will be kept confidential. Your organization’s data will be reported in aggregate form with data from similar organizations. Great care will be taken to ensure that no individual organization’s responses can be identified in reports.

Help keep Washington’s healthcare industry—and your organization—on the leading edge. Become a Sentinel today!

Questions:, (206) 543-9797.

Washington’s Sentinel Network is a collaboration of the state’s Workforce Board and the University of Washington’s Center for Health Workforce Studies. Funding to initiate the Sentinel Network came from the Healthier Washington initiative, with ongoing support from Governor Inslee’s office and the Washington State Legislature.