COVID-19 Stimulus Bill Facility Eligibility Calculator

COVID-19 Stimulus Bill Facility Eligibility Calculator

Our good friends at LeadingAge Wisconsin have developed this tool to help providers know what funding is available to them through the two Federal COVID 19 Bills that have been signed into law through April 16th, 2020, the Families First COVID Response Act (FFCRA) and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES).

The tool allows members to enter facility specific information that will alert organizations to their potential eligibility for certain programs based on their inputs, as well as provide estimates on funds received if calculations are known.

Below is an explanation on how to use the tool and interpret your results by section.


Providers should enter information in the boxes based on 2019 data. All data entered should be numeric except for “Entity Type” and “Do you have an existing SBA loan?” which use drop down menus.

Potentially Eligible Programs

This section has columns for “Funding Program”, “Eligible?”, “Possible Amount”, “Type”, and “For more information.”

“Funding Program” states what the individual funding program is.

“Eligible?” returns a result of “potentially” or “not likely” based on user inputs.

“Possible Amount” returns of value of the possible amount that could be received based on user inputs. For programs that do not have readily calculable amounts, footnotes are provided for more information.

“Type” identifies if the program is a Grant, Advance Payment, Loan, Payment Deferral, Debt Forgiveness, Expense Repayment, or Increased Income.

“For more information” provides links to websites where users can find more information on the individual programs to investigate further based on the results of the calculator.

Additional Notes

This section provides additional timely information impacting the programs.




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