CR-103 Alert: Rule Adoption, Chapter 246-101 WAC, Notifiable Conditions

CR-103 Alert: Rule Adoption, Chapter 246-101 WAC, Notifiable Conditions

The Washington State Board of Health (Board) has adopted updates to its Notifiable Conditions rules, Chapter 246-101 WAC. The updated rules go into effect January 31, 2022. The CR-103 (document linked here) announces the revised rules, filed as WSR 21-11-040.

The concise explanatory statement (document linked here) summarizes differences between the proposed rules and adopted rules and the response to public comments. Among other changes, the updated Board rules:

  • Update and clarify notification and specimen submission requirements for 74 new and existing notifiable conditions;
  • Add requirements to report race, ethnicity, and preferred language for all notifiable conditions;
  • Revise reporting requirements for health care providers, health care facilities, laboratories, local health jurisdictions, veterinarians, and the Department of Agriculture; and
  • Improve overall clarity and usability of the chapter.

The Board and the state Department of Health will develop implementation guidance for regulated entities. For more information on these rules contact Kaitlyn Donahoe, 360-584-6737, at the State Board of Health, or Alexandra Montaño, 360-236-4205, at the state Department of Health




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May 24, 2021