New “High Risk” Employee Accommodations 

New “High Risk” Employee Accommodations 

On Monday, Governor Inslee released a proclamation with new accommodation requirements for high risk employees. Employers are now required to provide the following accommodations, if possible, when a high-risk employee requests:

  • telework
  • alternative or remote work locations 
  • reassignment 
  • social distancing measures 

If alternative work arrangements are not feasible, the high-risk workers must be permitted to use any available employer-granted accrued leave or unemployment insurance. Employers cannot take adverse action towards an employee, including termination. You can find more information from Lane Powell here, we can also expect an FAQ with more information coming soon from the Governor’s office.

LeadingAge has raised concerns to the Governor’s office about the implications of this proclamation on health care facilities. Long Term Care, in particular, is already facing extreme staffing challenges. If there is an increase in employees who call out under these protections, it is unlikely a facility will be able to maintain adequate staffing. You can find the letter to the Governor’s office here.

If you are experiencing staff shortages you can find more information on the Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioner Program from DOH here.



Alyssa Odegaard- Vice President, Public Policy 

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