Assisted Living Enhanced FMAP Rate Adjustments Expected May 1st

Assisted Living Enhanced FMAP Rate Adjustments Expected May 1st

Bea Rector, Director, Home & Community Services, has received CMS approval to distribute a portion of the enhanced FMAP using the client daily rate as the funding mechanism.  However, HCS is still awaiting CMS approval to use a portion of the total FMAP funds to cover lost census as a result of COVID hospitalizations; this is known as a retainer payment.  Based on the enhanced FMAP, the department is planning to distribute a total nearly $8.7 million to assisted living.  Of that total, they would spend 88% of those fund to increase the client daily rate by $9.30 ppd.  This increased rate amount allows payment retroactive to March 1, 2020.  The retainer funding amount to cover lost census due to hospitalizations equals 12% of the total FMAP funds available or $1 million.  The retainer payment is intended to cover between 60-70% of the resident’s daily rate.  We expect the department will finalize this proposal sometime next week so payment adjustments can occur no later than May 1st.   




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