CDC Pharmacy Partnership (COVID-19 VACCINES)

CDC Pharmacy Partnership (COVID-19 VACCINES)

CDC is launching a partnership with CVS and Walgreens to provide vaccine services in nursing homes and assisted living once a COVID-19 vaccine has been approved and authorized. Participation in this program is free of charge. According to CDC, participating in this partnership will provide nursing homes and ALs with end-to-end support in the process of vaccinating residents against COVID-19.

  • Beginning October 19, providers will have the opportunity to choose to partner with either CVS or Walgreens. Nursing homes will indicate pharmacy preference through the NHSN portal. ALs will indicate pharmacy preference through an online REDcap ( sign-up form.
  • Once vaccination of this population launches, pharmacies will provide 3 vaccine clinics on-site at the nursing home/AL over a period of approximately 2 months in order to provide a 2-step vaccine to all residents and any staff who were not previously vaccinated.
  • The pharmacy will take responsibility for acquiring vaccines and associated supplies (including PPE).
  • The pharmacy will manage cold-chain storage for the vaccine.
  • The pharmacy will take responsibility for required vaccine reporting.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are not required to participate in this program. They may opt out through the same channels described above for signing up. However, if a nursing home or assisted living opts out of this program, they must have a plan in place to ensure vaccination of their population through alternative channels such as a state vaccine program or local pharmacy. State/local jurisdictions were required to submit vaccine plans by today and CDC will post these plans publicly later this month. Check out LeadingAge’s  new article for links to the Program Overview and FAQ provided by CDC for more information on this program.




Laura Hofmann, MSN, RN – Director of Clinical and Nursing Facility Regulatory Services
c: 425-231-4804