Skilled Nursing Facility Provider Relief Funds

Skilled Nursing Facility Provider Relief Funds

Every federally certified nursing home in the country received funding this morning, including 333 that serve only Medicaid beneficiaries. 

HHS has made relief fund distributions to SNFs based on both a fixed basis and variable basis. Each SNF will receive a fixed distribution of $50,000, plus a distribution of $2,500 per bed. All certified SNFs with six or more certified beds are eligible for this targeted distribution.

The payments will be sent to an organization’s central billing office via Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment from Optum Bank with the description, “CARES Act SNF-Pmt*HHS.GOV”.

Providers will again have 45 days from when the payment is received to accept or reject the payments and corresponding terms and conditions through the Attestation Portal. Nursing home recipients must attest that they will only use Provider Relief Fund payments for permissible purposes, as set forth in the Terms and Conditions, and agree to comply with future government audit and reporting requirements.  It is not clear if providers will have to include information from the prior two payments in this attestation, as there are reportedly three lines for payments on the form in the Attestation Portal. Providers should always read each set of terms and conditions for these payments carefully as they differ sometimes. LeadingAge has reviewed the terms and find only minor, insubstantial changes.




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