Fall Leadership Virtual Summit * Finding Resilience with Jean Steel

Fall Leadership Virtual Summit * Finding Resilience with Jean Steel

Finding Resilience.

Fact. Resilience is a Top Skill Needed in Today’s Workplace.

Fact. Resilience is a CRITICAL skill needed in LIFE.

So many changes these days, which is a difficult space for most of us to be – we are hardwired to prefer routine and most often our brains turn to negativity. To add to this most don’t have or forget the skills that help us manage change, stress and novel situations.

Resilience provides us with a protective factor to deal effectively with times of change, high pressure, and stress – a quality you can pass on to your team, your family, your friends. Resilience enables a positive approach to work and outlook on life, which in turn enables better problem-solving and helps to maintain motivation.

There hasn’t been a more appropriate, or necessary, time in our lives to focus on resilience. While the common description of resilience is the ability to “bounce back after hardship”, Jean challenges you to bounce forward. To take the resilience skills you will discover you already have, add some new skills you will learn in this session and become a better person after this pandemic. Topping off the session are ways you can recharge, reenergize and motivate yourself and others.

Time to move on, accept change and embrace positivity. THAT is the goal of this session: 

  1. Cite four components of resilience.
  2. Set three daily practices to increase gratitude.
  3. Define the “engine of resilience.”
  4. Explore personal resistance to change.
  5. Cite five components of a stress hardy personality.
  6. Set three goals to increase resiliency to change.

…..Oh, and to have fun! 


Jean’s Resilient People Thrive program challenges you to forget what you’ve learned about “bouncing back” from hardship, and instead bounce FORWARD.

Date: October 18, 2021

Time: 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. (1/2 hour lunch break)

2.5 CEs / SHRM Credits


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Non Member $109. 

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