Ultimately, It’s Your Responsibility to Get Fully Staffed… and Stay That Way! Register TODAY!

Ultimately, It’s Your Responsibility to Get Fully Staffed… and Stay That Way! Register TODAY!

Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to get Fully Staffed… and stay that way! LeadingAge Washington and DRIVE are partnering to bring YOUR community “Fully STAFFED”!  $429, per community for a year of programs and services! Registration window is between July 19th and August 3rd. 

Leaders have a HUGE responsibility when it comes to staffing. Dang!! That’s a lot of pressure, isn’t it? But it’s also a beautiful opportunity to make a difference through leading in this incredible field.

Nowadays it feels like leaders are paying more, doing more. But in return, they just get more people threatening to leave.

Do people not care anymore? It’s hard to tell exactly what is going with job seekers, but what we do know is leaders are left exhausted and on the verge of giving up. What can they do about it?

I’ve taken more than a decade of working with tens of thousands of staff and I’ve distilled it into practical and actionable content that leaders can use to address both their recruitment and retention struggles head-on, to get real, tangible, and sustainable outcomes. Finally!

Fully Staffed is Drive’s online membership program for healthcare and senior living leaders who are ready to end their staffing crisis. Each month we feature new live and recorded content that leaders can use to impact their recruitment and retention efforts. The content in Fully Staffed is values-based and culture-driven, which is the secret to getting more of the right candidates for an organization and keeping the great ones they already have.

I have put all the positivity, expert input, and fresh ideas that work for staffing into my online membership program, and I believe wholeheartedly it’s what leaders need right now! It’s long overdue that leaders overcome their staffing crisis so they can focus on the beautiful work they were called to do. Think about all the talent and effort being wasted in the never-ending quest to fill open positions and the constant scramble from urgency to urgency. Leaders deserve better, and we can help them get it!

In Fully Staffed, leaders have access to the key strategies that will make all the difference for them, both personally and professionally, and for their organization by staffing up for good. A community of positive people committed to learning proven strategies and tools to end this staffing crisis, there is literally nothing else like Fully Staffed out there!

By partnering together, we can bring the leaders in your membership this incredible program. Please use the social media post examples in this packet to help spread the word for your leaders. We are in this together! Imagine senior living in your state with a stable, talented, and engaged workforce. It is possible!

Mission of Drive’s Membership Program:

  • Help providers reduce their turnover immediately so residents/clients can get back to consistent caregivers
  • Provide association members with ways to recruit staff from new pipelines, NOT by stealing from each other
  • Create sustainable change for providers through monthly content, not a Band-Aid solution that falls apart quickly
  • Generate some easy revenue for the state affiliates 

Here’s the criteria to be part of this project:

  • Your members are struggling with recruitment and retention and are out of ideas
  • You want to bring in some extra revenue to your association
  • You are open to sharing Drive’s prepared emails and social media posts with your members or willing to create your own if you prefer 
  • You would love to impact staffing in aging services in a significant way

What’s the Curriculum and What’s Included?

Fully Staffed is centered around culture-driven recruitment and retention content, which is the most effective way to create lasting and sustainable change to staffing. The membership offers recorded monthly content and live monthly coaching calls, plus recorded versions of the live content, all available for CE credit. Each month, the learning in Fully Staffed focuses on one unique value that matters to senior living and healthcare team members. The video lessons and live calls highlight simple strategies that really work to bring these important values to life and support positive movement in recruitment and retention. Organizations that embrace the values that matter to their employees are better at retaining them and attracting more just like them. You may be wondering, how do we know what values matter to team members in the field? Our Culture Assessment work with organizations around the country gives us the exact values team members in healthcare and senior living want to see more of. Things like accountability, positivity, and teamwork, to name a few. As it should be, the wants of employees inspire our content.

We want leaders to take this challenging time and turn it into an opportunity to learn new ideas and a fresh perspective and gain a hearty dose of confidence to put it all into play. Couple that with a super positive and upbeat community and our members are destined for success. We believe in them, and we want them to believe in themselves by:

  • Watching short videos on their own schedule
  • Engaging in supplemental growth work
  • Completing assessments for recorded content
  • Participating in monthly live coaching calls
  • Enjoying bonus video content for deeper learning
  • Tuning in for Implementation Hour, where they can quietly work on their staffing projects and get expert guidance from a Drive team member
  • Joining us in a Facebook group where we will answer questions and give steady inspiration and tips!

Registration window is between July 19th and August 3rd. 

Monthly, Yearly or More! Details and to Register click HERE



Pat Sylvia, Director of Education and Member Development 


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August 10, 2022