FMAP Increases Update 

FMAP Increases Update 

COVID-19 Related Enhanced FMAP – In their haste to get money out to facilities, DSHS didn’t receive final approval from CMS on the start date of the enhanced FMAP.  As you know, last Friday the 27th they loaded new rates into the system that included a $29 add-on that was the result of the enhanced FMAP and was retroactive to February 1, 2020.  They received guidance from CMS that the enhanced FMAP was only to go back as far as March 1, 2020.  The total amount of money that is to be distributed is not changing so the per patient day rate will increase to $37.  They are currently working to change the retroactive start date of the add-on to March 1 and are working as quickly as possible to implement this before the end of the week.  If they are able to accomplish this be the end of this week, you should see the retroactive portion coming to you next Friday the 10th.

DSHS has issued the following message regarding this.


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