ALTSA: NH: #2021-037; ALF #2021-027; Changes to Washington State Patrol Record of Arrest and Prosecution (Rap) Sheet

ALTSA: NH: #2021-037; ALF #2021-027; Changes to Washington State Patrol Record of Arrest and Prosecution (Rap) Sheet

Beginning May 11, 2021, you will see changes to the format of the Washington State Patrol (WSP) RAP sheet. Additionally, you can expect delays in obtaining results on May 11, 2020 due to these changes taking place at WSP.

Changes that you will see are:

  1. Linear flow of Disposition Information: Arrest information may display if arrest is within the last year and is pending disposition. 2
  2. Renamed field: Subsequent Activity is where related court orders are located (previously called Subsequent Disposition).
  3. DOC event: Shows movement within the Department of Corrections (DOC).
  4. Sex/Kidnapping Offender Registration: Displays where the person registered, where the original charge was made (county), and the charge.
  5. Other Offender Registration: Formerly Monitored Populations Tracking Information.
  6. Applicant Information: New Fingerprinting Type for compromised identity.
  7. New dispositions will be reported as continued, pending, or final disposition.

The Background Check Central Unit (BCCU) will continue to do all analysis of the RAP sheet, including dispositions, to determine the background check result before the result letter is available to the entity in the Background Check System or provided to the applicant.

Information provided about the changes to the WSP RAP sheet is informational only and should not change the way staff interprets information in the result letter.

For a visual illustration of WSP RAPsheet Enhancements, here is the BCCU Quick Reference Guide.

If you have any questions, please contact Debra Hoeman, Policy Program Manager, at (360) 725-3210 or

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May 10, 2021