2023 Coaches and Alumni

Coach Jonathan Boyer, Executive Director, Judson Park; Coach Brooke Kasten, Associate Executive Director, Skyline; Christine Hall, Marketing and Public Relations Sr. Director, Franke Tobey Jones; Coach Dave Foltz, CALA, Retired, Transforming Age
Alumni: Cristine Andrada, Business Office Supervisor, Skyline; Kara Brennan, Clinical Services Manager, OPTUM; Angela Cook, Pharmacy Director, Consonus Pharmacy; Shari Crossland, Social Worker, Northaven Senior Living; Dwight Edwards, Executive Director, Keiro Northwest; Daniel Fielder, Maintenance Director, Cheney Care Center; Elaine Gabriel, Resident Care Coordinator, Skyline; Andie Klicker, DNS, Cheney Care Center; Elizabeth Melia, Community Relations Representative, Wesley Des Moines; Asanette Mercado, Lifestyles Director, Fred Lind Manor; Nicole Meyer, Operations and Compliance Manager, Cheney Care Center; Laura Molzahn, Executive Director NHA, Foss Home and Village; Kinga Nagy, DNS, Mirabella; Ildiko Pikali, Life Enrichment Director, Horizon House; Rosemarie Remines, Assistant Housekeeping Supervisor, Rockwood South Hill; Russ Reuther, Community Manager, CRISTA Shores; Phillip Smith, Facilities Director, Bayview; Betsy Swanson, Community Manager, Cristwood Garden; Maegen Taylor, DNS, Skyline; Salem Thompson, Executive Director, Adult Day Services of the Tri-Cities; Tatum Crystal Valdez, Dietary Manager, Keiro Northwest; Victoria Wenick, Philanthropy Director, Covenant Living at the Shores


2021-2022 Coaches and Alumni

Coach Jonathan Boyer, Executive Director, Judson Park; Coach Rob Lanouette, Community Relations Director, Wesley Des Moines; Christine Hall, Marketing and Public Relations Sr. Director, Franke Tobey Jones; Coach Dave Foltz, CALA, Retired, Transforming Age
Alumni: Katelynn Houck, Herons’s Key, Gig Harbor, Executive Director;  Joel Camp, Consonus Healthcare Services, PTA/Rehab Director; Casey McCoy, Northaven Senior Living, Operations Director; Chris Eager, Fred Lind Manor, Dining Services Director; Erica Gaertner, McKay Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, Administrator; Robin Abt, Optum, Sales Account Manager; Kayla Hawkins, Bayview, Staff  Scheduler and Central Supply; Kristina Singh, Cascade Park Gardens, Administrator

2020 Graduates

Congratulations to our 2020 graduates and their organizations for supporting their journey through COVID! Alumni

Meet our 2019 Leadership Graduates & Coaches  Congrats’

Meet our 2018 Leadership Institute Graduates & Coaches!

Meet our 2017 Leadership Institute Graduates & Coaches! Congrats’

LeadingAge WA’s 2015-16 Leadership Institute Graduates & Coaches! Congratulations!

Congratulations! Meet our 2014-2015 Leadership Institute Coaches and Graduates

Congratulations! 2013-14 Leadership Institute Graduates

Jay Aguas. Nikkei Concerns – Nikkei Manor; Brooks Brainerd, Sage Architectural Alliance; Jonalyn Brown, Consonus Healthcare; Rosalinda Fernandez, Nikkei Concerns – Seattle Keiro; Phyllis Gearring-Anderson, Optum Post Acute Services; Suzanne Gollhofer, Nikkei Concerns – Seattle Keiro; Tim Graves, Crista Shores; Lawana King, Gardens at Juanita Bay; Kathy Knutzen, Christian Health Care Center; Robby Lanouette, Tacoma Lutheran; Wendy Li, Nikkei Concerns – Seattle Keiro; Chris Manio, Northaven; Kate Quebe, Franke Tobey Jones; Deanna Simpson-McNeal, Tacoma Lutheran; Bob Taylor, Sodexo/Tacoma Lutheran; Thea Van-Houl, Wesley Homes; Laura Williams, Garden Village; Roberto Yranela, Covenant Shores

2013 Leadership Institute Alumni

Alumni: Diana Buckalew, Garden Village; Annika DiNovi, Cristwood Nursing and Rehab; Karen Gamble, Covenant Shores; Mary Hindall, Consonus Healthcare Services; Anthony Laflen, Consonus Healthcare Services; Chris Magill, Franke Tobey Jones; Julie Martin, LeadingAge Washington; Carlene Marquis, Tacoma Lutheran Retirement; Annie Morningstar, Franciscan System Services; Cynthia Pack, Evercare; Edwin Pasion, Nikkei Concerns – Seattle Keiro; Catherine Reis-El Bara, Christian Health Care Center; Cindy Sears, Columbia Lutheran Home; Tracy Starcher, Nikkei Concerns – Seattle Keiro; Valerie Thiel, SAGE Architectural Alliance; Scott Wotring, Sodexo (Warm Beach) Coaches: Karmen Hudson, The Kenney; R. Kevin McFeely, The Hearthstone; Glen Melin, Crista Shores; Mark Mullen, Fred Lind Manor; Facilitator: Michele Holleran, DeArment Consulting

2012 Leadership Institute Alumni

Becky Bearden, Consonus Healthcare Services; Yoko Berthet, Nikkei Concerns – Seattle Keiro; Valerie Blanco, Garden Village; Sheryl Breidenbach, Evercare; Meagan Clark, The Gardens at Juanita Bay; Kristine Grant, Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community; Jean Henkels, Covenant Shores; Twila Lorenzen, University of WA, Tacoma; Jerry Nelner, Consonus Healthcare Services; John Storz, CRISTA Senior Living; Eugenia Vinyar, Emerald Heights; Karen Lee Werner, Sodexo Senior Living.

2011 Leadership Institute Alumni

Alumni: Sherlyn Bessette, Judson Park; Jessica Chow, Nikkei Concerns – Seattle Keiro; Ben Coffman Infinity Rehab; Susan Cottrell, Timber Ridge at Talus; Linda Coulson, Evercare; Pete Del Signore, Consonus Healthcare Services; Jan Dion, Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community; Pamela Gill, Cristwood Nursing & Rehabilitation Center; Karmen Hudson, The Kenney; Mark Linden, Exeter House; Janice Pate, Covenant Shores; Naniofa Poulivaati-Mounga, Wesley Homes Des Moines; Alisa Sands, Warm Beach Senior Community; Kelly Scott, Living Care Retirement Community; Joanie Vivaz, Wesley Homes


2010 Leadership Institute Alumni

Alumni: (Back L-R) Nikole Jay, Emerald Heights; Joy Del Calzo, The Kenney; Sharon Christor, Tacoma Lutheran; Kevin McFeely, The Kenney; Dan DeBoise, Riverview Retirement Community; Deneen Richardson, Evercare; Lynette Ladenburg, Tacoma Lutheran; (Front L-R) Anne Arakaki-Lock, Covenant Shores; Tracy Fritts, Consonus Healthcare Services; Shelley O’Brien, Caroline Kline Galland Home; Christine Bachman Hall, Franke Tobey Jones; Marlita Basada, Covenant Shores; Lisa Meinecke, Wesley Homes; David Heyer, Columbia Lutheran Home; Darlene Storti, Northaven; Russ Akiyama, Judson Park; Pat Sylvia, Aging Services; Michele Holleran, Holleran & Associates – (not pictured) Manisha Desai, Sodexo Senior Services; Laura Hofmann, Warm Beach.