◂  October 2019

Managed Care * Assess Your Quality and Using it to Show Value and Make Service Delivery Changes * 5 of 6 part series

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Cassi Meritt

Part 5 of 6 (repeat from October 2nd)


As managed care becomes more of your payor-mix, making sure you are tracking on your quality and looking for quality improvement opportunities is imperative.  The session will give you ideas of how to track on your quality and make those improvements


  1. The participant will understand the importance of using quality data to show value to payors and hospital partners.
  2. The participant will be able to identify sources of quality data in their facility such as the EMR, MDS data, NNHQIC data and others.
  3. The participant will understand how to use facility quality data to make service delivery model changes to improve overall quality.

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