Resident Care Manager (RCM)

Resident Care Manager (RCM)

March 5, 2020

Under the direction of the DNS, performs duties as the Resident Care Manger (RCM), complying with State and Federal regulations and established facility policies and procedures. As a member of the multi-disciplinary team, promotes the physical, social, emotional and spiritual well being of the residents.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Makes daily rounds to determine resident physical, psychosocial, mental, and emotional status and implements any required nursing intervention.
2. Keeps the Director of Nursing (DNS) informed of the status of residents and other related matters.
3. Monitors nursing care to ensure that all residents are upheld and respected.
4. Investigates complaints and grievances made by the resident indicating what action(s) were taken to resolve the complaint or grievance. Follow up with appropriate personnel as indicated. Advises resident, POA/Family, of outcome and plan.
5. Maintains confidentiality of all resident Protected Health Information (PHI). Reports known or suspected incidents of unauthorized disclosure of such information to the appropriate personnel including Corporate Compliance Officer.
6. Administers general nursing care to residents, including treatments and medication as assigned in accordance to Washington State law.
7. Assumes the duties outlined in the job description of the Registered Nurse. Assists with nursing care as needed.
8. Monitors and audits clinical record documentation to ensure compliance, accuracy, and timeliness.
9. Works collaboratively DNS to develop plan of care.
10. Develops and reviews plan of care for appropriate goals.
11. Oversees assessment and completion of admissions, quarterly and annual paperwork. Communicates resident needs via care plan and assignment sheet modifications.
12. Maintains contact with Physician/Nurse practitioners in order to communicate resident status and needs.
13. Conducts Resident care conferences to assure the development and implementation of interdisciplinary care plan/service plans that meets the needs of individual residents including rehabilitative needs in cooperation with therapeutic services such as: Occupational, Physical, Recreational, Speech Therapy, Social Services, Family members, and others.
14. Collaborates with MDS Coordinator establishing individual care plans based upon the outcomes from the MDS (Minimum Data Set) assessment completion.
15. Attends interdisciplinary review meetings weekly.
16. Attends daily Medicare/Utilization Review and evaluates skilled need where applicable.
17. Assists in the coordination of planning resident transfers and discharges within the facility, community, other facilities. Collaborates with Social Services, in planning for home care services and equipment needs.
18. Completes discharge paperwork as indicated and communicates status to receiving party to ensure streamlined transfers.
19. Plans, organizes, directs, monitors and evaluates resident care and supervises staff assignment updates.
20. Monitors staff performance and provides counseling, disciplinary consultations as indicated.
21. Completes assigned performance appraisals in a timely manner and provides appropriate and effective feedback during performance appraisal discussion with employees.
22. Assists DNS with recruiting, interviewing, and selecting applicants for employment, recommends for hire, schedule, supervises evaluates, counsels, disciplines and recommends employees for discharge in accordance with WBSC policies and procedures.
23. In collaboration with staffing coordinator, organizes and directs unit orientation and training.
24. Evaluates needs of the unit on each shift and offers recommendations concerning staffing requirements, resident care and delivery of services.
25. Develops and implements action plans as necessary to address and correct non-compliant documentation and or practice.
26. Maintains 24 hour responsibility over unit operations.
27. Maintains flexible work hours to accomplish job duties.
28. Participates in on-call rotation and may be required to respond to off-hours emergency calls which may include reporting for duty during non-regular work hours.
29. Assist in staff training and preparedness for disaster, fire and safety programs, assures proper handling and emergency care of residents, staff and visitors involved in accidents while in the facility. Reports identifiable risk immediately to Risk Management Officer.
30. Works collaboratively with the infection control nurse in directing systems and processes to ensure that all unit function and activities are performed in compliance with established infection control and isolation procedures.
31. Participates in the continuous quality improvement program. Plans, evaluates, and submits reports as required.
32. Conducts audits clinical records including, POS, MARs, TARs and ADL records.
33. Attends conventions, seminars, workshops and meetings as necessary; may serve as a member of various committees as required, keeps current in the field of nursing with particular emphasis to geriatric resident care and restoration/rehabilitation.
34. Acts as a role model for all nursing staff. Maintains professionalism at all times. Demonstrates a professional appearance at all times.
35. Consistently demonstrates a positive approach in carrying out all duties, assignments and responsibilities.
36. Exercises informed judgment and uses individual competence and qualification as criteria in seeking consultation, accepting responsibilities, and delegating nursing activities to others.
37. Participates in the professions efforts to protect the public from misinformation and misrepresentation and to maintain the integrity of nursing and WBSC.
38. Adheres to all attendance, compliance, mandatory training, regulatory and safety standards, including Code of Conduct; as well as the organizations policies and procedures covering Privacy and Security in compliance with HIPAA regulations.
39. Perform other duties as assigned.

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