NHSN Reporting Citations and CMPs Rescinded

NHSN Reporting Citations and CMPs Rescinded

CMS has started rescinding the F884 citation and Civil Monetary Penalty (CMP) that were given for allegedly not reporting complete information to NHSN about COVID-19 in the standardized format and frequency specified by CMS and CDC. Due to CMS’s internal reviews of the NHSN data submissions, CMS decided to give providers more time to orient to the new system and understand the reporting requirements.  CMS is deleting the F884 deficiency and rescinding the CMP imposed for the June 1-June 7, 2020 reporting week.

CMS has issued a spreadsheet containing the names of each facility to the IIDR point of contact letting them know that the CMPs issued for this period had been rescinded.  CMS will not be issuing letters to providers notifying you of this directly.  You should, however, hear from the IIDR point of contact.

If you believe you successfully submitted NHSN data during this timeframe, and received a citation and CMP in error, you may contact your Field Manager to confirm that the citation was removed and no fine is owing. 




Laura Hofmann, MSN, RN
Director of Clinical and Nursing Facility Regulatory Services

c: 360-691-9281