FDA Updates Device Shortage List-Gloves

FDA Updates Device Shortage List-Gloves

On Dec. 23, the FDA updated the Device Shortage List on our web page that lists Medical Device Shortages During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. Specifically, the FDA added the following device types in the testing supplies and equipment category: pipette tips (product codes LXG and PPM) and micro pipettes (product code JRC). The FDA also added clarifying notes and links to more resources in the “Additional Information” column, as well as adding clarity to the categories, such as grouping gloves under “Personal Protective Equipment – Gloves.”  The device shortage list reflects the categories of devices the FDA has determined to be in shortage at this time, and the FDA will continue to update the list as the COVID-19 public health emergency evolves. In addition, the FDA is posting a new web page, Supplies of Medical Devices for COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions.

We were told this morning that DOH does have gloves in the stockpile. If you are having issues obtaining gloves, please complete the 213RR form and send to your local contact for emergency supplies.




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