2024 Minimum Wage and Salary Threshold Increases

2024 Minimum Wage and Salary Threshold Increases

2024 Minimum Wage and Salary Threshold Increases  

As of 2024, Washington state has implemented an increase in both the minimum wage and the salary threshold for exempt employees. These changes reflect the ongoing efforts to address cost of living and ensure fair compensation for workers across various industries. 

Minimum Wage Increase: 

Effective from January 1, 2024, the minimum wage in Washington state will increase 3.4 percent over the 2023 rate to $16.28 per hour. Several cities, including Seattle, SeaTac, and Tukwila, will have higher minimum wage rates in 2024 than the state’s, based on an employer’s industry or size. 

The new minimum wage applies to all eligible employees, with special provisions for tipped workers. Employers are required to comply with the updated wage rates to ensure fair compensation for the labor provided by their workforce. 

Salary Threshold Increase for Exempt Employees: 

Simultaneously, the salary threshold for exempt employees in Washington state has been raised to $1,302.40 per week, or $67,724.80 per year. Exempt employees, who are typically salaried professionals, administrators, or executives, must now meet this higher threshold to maintain their exempt status. 

This adjustment aligns with efforts to ensure that exempt employees receive a salary that reflects the value of their responsibilities and qualifications. Employers should review the compensation packages of exempt employees to ensure compliance with the updated salary threshold. 

It’s crucial for both employers and employees to stay informed about these changes to uphold fair labor practices and foster a work environment that values the contributions of all workers. The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries provides detailed information and resources regarding wage and hour laws, offering guidance for both employers and employees in adapting to these changes. 

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