Employer Reimbursement to Keep Your Injured Employee Working

Remember, Labor and Industries will reimburse employers for some of their costs when they provide temporary, light-duty jobs for workers while they heal. Offering your employee light duty work could help you avoid a compensable claim and deter disability conviction.


As the employer, you could be reimbursed for 50% of the worker’s base wages, up to $10,000; or 66 days worked in a light duty job, whichever comes first. You can also receive some of the cost for training, tools, or clothing needed to do the light duty job.

It’s Easy!

Risk Finance will send you a current Activity Prescription Form (APF) completed by your employee’s provider. Based on the restriction on the APF, you can complete a Light Duty Job Analysis. Return the Job Analysis back to us and we’ll reach out to the employee’s provider for approval. When the approval is received, you can then present your employee with a light duty job offer. The reimbursement time starts the date your employee returns to work in a light duty capacity.

Reimbursement Time

After 66 days, or when your employee is released to regular duty, just forward Risk Finance the employee’s provider-signed Light Duty Job Analysis, the accepted Light Duty Job Offer and copies of the timecards and paystubs for the period of light duty. It’s that simple!

Things to remember

As the employer, you have one year to request Stay at Work reimbursement. The light duty work must be done within a consecutive 24-month period.

Let us help! Risk Finance is here to help with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your Stay at Work reimbursement.


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Questions? Please reach out to your assigned Claims Consultant or Scott DeHem, VP of Claims at Risk Finance, at scott@riskfinance.net