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Trauma Informed Care and the Psychosocial Severity Outcome Guide Webinar

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LeadingAge $149. Non-Mbr $169.


Cassi Meritt

CMS is kicking into gear to implement President Biden’s vision to protect seniors. After the delayed implementation of new Phase 3 regulatory guidance in 2019, CMS issued a major update to surveyor guidance that took effect October 24, 2022.  

Key components included clarification on Trauma Informed Care and the Psychosocial Severity Outcome Guide along with the addition of Cultural Competency and Substance Use Disorder.

The best approach to ensure quality care and avoid inappropriate psychoactive medications is person centered care planning. Skilled Nursing communities are required to assess each resident and develop an appropriate plan of care. CMS further mandates that medications may be considered for elderly residents with dementia only if non-pharmacological interventions are ineffective.

This session will provide an overview of these regulatory changes and review tools and strategies that teams can operationalize to ensure compliance.


  1. Review the regulatory components related to Trauma Informed Care, Cultural Competency, Substance Use Disorder and the Psychosocial Severity Outcome Guide.
  2. Recognize early signs of behaviors and how to use person-centered care planning approaches effectively.
  3. Learn strategies for implementing clinical approaches to comply with these new regulations.
  4. Identify approaches to ensure ongoing compliance utilizing QA&A oversight.

Date: Tuesday, April 4th

Time: 9:00 – 10:30 a.m.

Fees: Include CEs, materials and recording

  • LeadingAge per Community fee (unlimited listeners): $149.
  • Non-LeadingAge per Community fee (unlimited listeners): $169.

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