Washington State Requirements for OBRA Assessments 

Washington State Requirements for OBRA Assessments 

Washington is now requiring providers to complete and submit specific MDS item set fields associated with PDPM on all OBRA nursing home comprehensive and quarterly MDS assessments.  You can find these additional fields on this document along with coding tips for these fields.  The additional fields are located in Sections GG, I, and J.

These fields are being required so that the State can compare RUGs to PDPM as they prepare to switch from RUGs to PDPM.  Having PDPM scores for OBRA residents will allow the State to study the impact of any switch. 

We have been working with the State over the past year to ensure that any switch to PDPM is carefully thought out.  We appreciate that they have agreed to collect this data so that we can work with them to make the best decision for members and we will keep you updated as this impact is studied.




David Carter | Director, Health Care Finance & Policy

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