Updated State-Level Health Inspections Cut Point Table

Updated State-Level Health Inspections Cut Point Table

CMS has updated the State-Level Health Inspection Cut Point Table.  This table, updated monthly, contains each state’s health inspection cut points.  You can locate Washington in the table towards the bottom to see where your facility’s total weighted health survey score falls among the various cut points and star assignments.

CMS’ Five-Star quality ratings for the health inspection domain are based on the relative performance of facilities within a State. This approach helps to control for variation between States. Facility ratings are determined using these criteria: 

  • The top 10 percent (lowest 10 percent in terms of health inspection deficiency score) in each State receive a five-star rating. 
  • The middle 70 percent of facilities receive a rating of two, three, or four stars, with an equal number (approximately 23.33 percent) in each rating category. 
  • The bottom 20 percent receive a one-star rating.




David Carter | Director, Health Care Finance & Policy

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