LeadingAge WA Workforce Solutions Council * Letter to our Members

LeadingAge WA Workforce Solutions Council * Letter to our Members

Dear LeadingAge Washington Members,

The Workforce Solutions Council meeting was held on October 2nd. We are looking forward to a great year and building on the good work the council has conducted over the last three years! In the meeting, we discussed years 1-3 and began developing our roadmap for the current year, focusing on how we can bring the greatest value to our members including; promoting the efforts and ideas of LeadingAge WA partners, greater community involvement in our recruiting and retention efforts, and advocation for streamlining and bringing consistency in regards to applicable state requirements.

Updates on initiatives and collaborations were provided to the group including an update on Nurse Licensure Compact and a potential rally of support should this be presented again as a legislative item. Also noted was MaryAnn Keogh-Hoss’ hybrid NAC program which is almost complete. Laura Hofmann will be meeting with Tacoma Lutheran to discuss a possible pilot program which we hope to have up and running by January. Laura is also working with the Long-Term Care Workforce Workgroup to review and update as needed the NAC curriculum as outlined in State and Federal Regulations. A new LPN to BSN pathway group has been formed and Laura will report on the goals and progress of the group.

LeadingAge will be sending out an action alert on federal initiative HR 4397/S 2521, Care Act, which helps to establish grants for recruitment and retention as well as HR 4468 , Nursing Home Quality Act, which would change the NAC training ban from 2 years to time out of compliance.

Laura discussed the Sentinel Network and the importance of all LeadingAge Washington members’ participation. She will send out an alert to the council the next time the survey is open. Laura will also be sending out information on where to buy the curriculum for Paid Feeding Assistants.

We discussed how we will share the council’s information with members (Blogs, podcasts, Facebook group?). Further discussion will take place on this issue. Laura will also be talking with Pat Sylvia to discuss the possibility of collaborating with the HR group.

The council meetings for this current year will take place on January 8th, April 8th, July 8th, and October 7th.  All meetings will take place at Wesley Des-Moines.

We are very thankful for everyone’s hard work and efforts towards our mission! If you are interested in joining the Workforce Solutions Council, please reach out to us or Laura Hofmann. lhofmann@LeadingAgeWA.org

It is going to be a great year! Letter

Jessica Visserman, Human Resource Director, Martha and Mary Co-Chair Workforce Solutions Council

Grant Linacre, Executive Director, Emerald Heights Co-Chair Workforce Solutions Council