RCS Resuming Survey Activity

RCS Resuming Survey Activity

RCS will resume survey activity on November 1st, as outlined in ALTSA: NH 2020-074 and ALTSA: ALF #2020-049.  For skilled nursing facilities, they will be prioritizing surveys based on QSO 20-35 ALL

(descending in priority):

  1. Revisit surveys for past non-compliance that do not otherwise qualify for a desk review.
  2. Complaint surveys triaged as non-IJ level or higher that have not been completed.
  3. Special Purpose Renal Dialysis Facilities (SPRDFs).
  4. Initial surveys of new providers.
  5. Past-due recertification surveys with a statutorily required survey interval; and
  6. Past-due recertification surveys without a statutorily required survey interval.

RCS is in discussions with CMS on whether survey clocks will be reset, since they will not be able to meet the criteria of 15.99 months for SNFs, 18.99 months for ALs and 12.99 months for LSC inspections.  We are not sure how the resumption of survey activity will affect the 5-Star ratings.  RCS has stated that surveyors will be tested for COVID-19 before returning, cadence of which has yet to be set.  They will also try to limit time in the building and number of surveyor’s present.




Laura Hofmann, MSN, RN – Director of Clinical and Nursing Facility Regulatory Services
c: 425-231-4804