ALTSA: ALF #2020-052 * ALTSA: NH #2020-080

ALTSA: ALF #2020-052 * ALTSA: NH #2020-080

This Provider letter is intended to serve as a reminder and to supplement information for providers regarding potential staffing resources available, as issued in a provider letter dated April 9, 2020, concerning the Uniform Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act, Chapter 70.15 RCW and procedures for background checks related to these volunteer health practitioners.

A few highlights:

  • Individual health practitioner applicants now register online, instead of using a paper application.
  • New information for health care facilities, including long-term care facilities: a. Facilities who want to request approved volunteers, or want to request to activate specific staff under this program as part of their own surge planning, need to complete a health care facilities request form. This information is necessary to quickly support each request. b. The Department of Health currently has more than 700 approved volunteers who are eligible to be placed. c. Facilities requesting to activate specific volunteers should complete the spreadsheet. Please be sure all fields are complete, as they are all required to complete the process. Please do not include any additional fields beyond information on additional licenses a volunteer has.

Read full letter here.



Laura Hofmann, MSN, RN – Director of Clinical and Nursing Facility Regulatory Services
c: 425-231-4804