DOH Seeking NHA Board Members

DOH Seeking NHA Board Members

The requirements for the positions are as follows:

Public Member Requires one of the following:

  • A resident of a nursing home; or
  • A family member of a resident of a nursing home; or
  • A person eligible for Medicare.

This member shall not have any direct or family financial interest in nursing homes while serving as a member of the board.

Nursing Home Administrator Licensee Requires:

  • Currently licensed as a nursing home administrator in Washington State;
  • Has at least four years actual experience in the administration of a licensed nursing home in this state immediately preceding appointment to the board; and
  • May not be employed by the state or federal government.

Please provide this message and the attachments to anyone you feel may be interested in either of these positions.  If you are an organization with the ability to provide this e-mail and/or attachments to members, whether by e-mail notification, bulletin board or other means, please do so.

If you need any information regarding these positions, please contact Kendra Pitzler at (360) 236-4723 or by e-mail:

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.