CMS Calls to Nursing Facilities

CMS Calls to Nursing Facilities

LeadingAge national received a note from CMS about phone calls they are making to nursing homes in red or yellow counties who report no testing in the NHSN.  The calls are legitimate.  Here’s the note: 

Just a heads up.  As we look at the NHSN data, we’ve been monitoring if facilities report if they are testing when they also report cases.  We can also cross-reference the positivity rates to see if facilities are reporting they are testing in yellow or red counties.  We wanted to let you know that individuals from our Office Program Operations and Local Engagement (OPOLE) and QIOs will be calling nursing homes to ask them why they may be in a yellow or red county, yet reported no staff testing. Or, if they reported cases, yet reported no outbreak testing. 

These calls are primarily aimed at understanding why the facility reported no testing while the data shows they should have reported testing. They are not calling from a survey perspective.  They are intended to be helpful.  We’ve already done some of this and have identified reporting issues, or that a facility was using the state’s positivity rate instead of CMS or testing supply issues. We’ve also, of course identified some that just weren’t doing it without realizing they should.  We’re really looking to identify the issues and help alert facilities.  So, if your members ask you if a call from CMS about testing is legit, it likely is. 




Laura Hofmann, MSN, RN – Director of Clinical and Nursing Facility Regulatory Services
c: 425-231-4804

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