Waiver Extension Request 

Waiver Extension Request 

Many of the LTC waivers, including visitation restrictions, are set to expire on May 31st. DSHS has sent a letter to the legislative Four Corners asking the waivers to be extended until a special legislative session is called. The reason behind the request for a longer extension is that many of the waivers may require statutory amendments for waived or suspended time periods. DSHS states “The transition back to full implementation of the waived and suspended statutes and rules must be gradual, and in some cases may require statutory amendments, in order to avoid extending the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak by potentially exposing vulnerable residents to COVID-19 and, triggering staffing shortages” Extending these waivers also allows time to implement a phased-in approach to opening up visitation.

LeadingAge Washington agrees with the extension request and sent a letter expressing our support to the ALTSA proposal. Additionally, we suggested that many of the waivers should be in a statutory COVID-19 framework; this would allow an immediate and more effective response to mitigate future COVID- 19 outbreaks.

While the extension has not been granted, we have no reason to believe the Four Corners will not approve an extension in some form. We will give the official notice once we receive, please plan to continue visitation restrictions.





Alyssa Odegaard- Vice President, Public Policy, LeadingAge Washington

c: 206.948.2279