COVID-19 Testing Update

COVID-19 Testing Update

The COVID-19 testing order is expected to be released tomorrow by the Department of Health. The current plan is first to prioritize skilled nursing facility staff and residents. The State will provide testing kits and necessary PPE to perform the testing. The State is planning to cover the cost of employee testing, although the funding source is yet to be determined. Once the order is released, SNFs will have two weeks to complete the testing. The next phase of testing will then prioritize assisted living memory care residents and staff. Again, the State will provide the tests, PPE, and funding for employee tests. Testing for memory care must be completed four weeks after the order is released.

While the first two phases of testing are being completed, the State will continue to figure out the plan to expand testing to assisted living facilities and adult family homes. They will also continue to discuss ongoing testing. There are still many things to figure out to operationalize ongoing testing. Some barriers will not be figured out until the first round of testing is well underway.

There are still many unanswered questions about testing in long term care, and LeadingAge WA will continue to find answers. You can expect more details from us tomorrow when the order is released.




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