Provider Relief Fund Attestation Deadline

Provider Relief Fund Attestation Deadline

HHS has issued new guidance regarding attestation for the Provider Relief Fund.  The new guidance is that you now have until June 3rd to complete attestation.  This is a change from a May 8 HHS announcement that extended the attestation timeline for providers to accept or reject payments from the original 30 days to 45 days from receipt of payment. Under the May 8th announcement, the deadline should have been June 8. 

The June 3 date appears to be a drop dead date for finalizing payments from the $50 billion General Distribution tranche that went out to providers who are reimbursed by Medicare. Providers who have received two payments as of April 24 must complete the attestation to the Terms and Conditions for both payments and submit financial information including federal income tax forms and March and April 2020 lost revenue information by June 3. This date is also the last day for providers who have only received one payment as of April 24 from this tranche to submit financial information to see if they may be eligible for a second payment from this tranche.

For the latest tranche of funding that went specifically to SNFs beginning today, you will again have 45 days from when the payment is received to accept or reject the payments and corresponding terms and conditions through the Attestation Portal.




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