5.28.20 WA DOH COVID-19 Q & A for Healthcare Providers

5.28.20 WA DOH COVID-19 Q & A for Healthcare Providers

Attached please find the document from the 5-28-20 DOH COVID-19 call for Healthcare Providers.  

There were a lot of questions on this last call about the order from Health Secretary Wiesman regarding the testing of LTC facility residents and staff members.  Those questions have continued to come in to LeadingAge WA, including the new revelation of needing an MD order for all tests.  We reached out to Dr. Charissa Fotinos from the Health Care Authority for clarification of information one member received from the DOH email help desk.  The following information was given to LeadingAge WA directly from Dr. Fotinos.

  • The state will be sending PPE and test kits to facilities, the PPE and specimen collection kits will be sent by separate entities. The Department of Enterprise services is working with DSHS  on the PPE. It is being sent out to regions across the state today  to then be delivered to facilities in the next 3-4 days. The specimen collection kits are being sent out by DOH and will be sent to each facility with a prepaid envelope to return them to one of two designated labs. We anticipate the specimen kits will start shipping out tomorrow. There will also be directions and an FAQ in the packet. The facilities do not have to order anything. 
  • We were initially hoping that orders would not be required. In order for Medicare and Medicaid to pay for testing, a provider order is necessary. We have been working under the assumption that a provider order is also necessary for staff. We are currently looking into whether or not there would be an option to have someone else at the agency designated to receive and communicate the results to staff  if a provider cannot be identified. For staff that don’t have providers or insurance we are also trying to gather a list of resources that facilities might use to find providers willing to order and collect specimens. We have almost finalized an FAQ that will address some of these issues.

LeadingAge WA is working with the Governor’s Office and other stakeholders on securing an extension of the June 12th deadline for Skilled Nursing Facilities.  Assuming that extension is granted, the Governor’s office suggested we then request an AL testing extension.  We believe, with the current roadblocks providers are facing, this deadline is no longer attainable, through no fault of the facility.  We will keep you updated. 

Please continue to send us your questions and the roadblocks you are experiencing, and submit your questions on the DOH call on Thursdays-these questions are all recorded and answers are provided in writing. 





Laura Hofmann, MSN, RN – Director of Clinical and Nursing Facility Regulatory Services
c: 425-231-4804