Project Support Request from University of WA School of Nursing

Project Support Request from University of WA School of Nursing

University of Washington School of Nursing Graduate Program is reaching out to see if any Skilled Nursing or Assisted Living Facilities might be interested in help with a  project that their final-year Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) students (many of them training to be Adult/Gerontological Nurse Practitioners) could engage in as part of their DNP final project.

They seek clinical, system, organizational or community issues or problems that could use some graduate student support/help. In the DNP final projects, DNP students, supported by SON faculty, collaborate with clinicians, community and clinical agencies to address real-world issues and problems. Students work with an organization/agency in engaging in systems analysis and change to improve health and wellbeing of groups and populations or to improve systems of care. 

Types of projects include:

  • Agency or Community Capacity Building
  • Needs Assessment
  • Program Planning or Evaluation
  • Policy Development or Evaluation
  • Process or Practice Environment Improvement
  • Quality Initiative or Improvement

UW  is now soliciting information through July 15, 2020 about projects that could be completed in September 2020-March 2021. Final-year DNP students are matched with projects and connect with the agency contact/champion in mid-August. This work also often offers opportunities to collaborate with students and mentor them, or to have additional work done on ongoing projects. Here’s more information about DNP projects:

If there are opportunities for such projects within your organizations, they would love to hear about them.  They are happy to answer any questions about projects and prior work  done with agencies/community partners in the area  (this is the 6th year using this model). 

Please feel free to contact Hilaire Thompson (