July 1, 2020 Nursing Home Medicaid Rates

July 1, 2020 Nursing Home Medicaid Rates

The Office of Rates Management (ORM), Aging and Long Term Services Administration, is planning on running the July 1, 2020 Nursing Home Medicaid rates next week.  As of today, it has not been determined if the $29 COVID add-on will be continued as part of the July 1 rates.  This decision will be made by the Office of Financial Management (OFM).  We have been told that DSHS is in support of the add-on being continued, but that the decision is not up to them.  We continue to advocate for the add-on to be continued.  

Facilities will still see an increase in their July 1, 2020 rates because the rates will be rebased using 2018 costs.  The Quality Enhancement add-on has been slightly reduced.  Each tier in the add-on has been reduced by approximately 4%.  The new tiers are $10.47, $7.85, $5.24, and $2.62.  The majority of LeadingAge Washington nursing homes either moved up in the tiers, or stayed at the same tier they were at previously.

Once ORM has received a decision from OFM regarding the $29 COVID add-on, we will notify facilities.




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