Provider Relief Fund Reporting

Provider Relief Fund Reporting

Providers that accepted money from the Provider Relief Fund agreed to quarterly reporting requirements.  The first of these reports was scheduled to be due this Friday, July 10th.  However, HHS noted in an FAQ on June 19th that “Recipients of Provider Relief Fund payments do not need to submit a separate quarterly report to HHS or the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee. HHS will develop a report containing all information necessary for recipients of Provider Relief Fund payments to comply with this provision.”   Please note that this does not mean that future reports will not be required, but that providers do NOT need to submit anything this week.  The FAQ also said, “HHS will be requiring recipients to submit future reports relating to the recipient’s use of its PRF money. HHS will notify recipients of the content and due date(s) of such reports in the coming weeks.

We will communicate any new information to you as soon as HHS makes it available.




David Carter | Director, Health Care Finance & Policy

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