Aging and Long-Term Support Administration Budget Reduction Q&A

Aging and Long-Term Support Administration Budget Reduction Q&A

On June 25, 2020 Aging and Long-Term Support (ALTSA) held a preliminary budget reduction stakeholder webinar.  They have released a Q&A document from this webinar that can be found here – ALTSA FY2020 Preliminary Budget Reduction Proposal Questions and Answers.  The answers contained within this document are based on preliminary budget reduction modeling completed in June at the direction of the Office of Financial Management (OFM). These are preliminary exercises and are subject to change.  ALTSA welcomes suggestions for alternatives to meet the target reductions.

Please email your suggestions to between now and August 7th to coincide with budget proposal timelines.

This Q&A details what reductions would be made to eligibility to state programs.  It also documents timelines for any proposed cuts/reductions.  One item to note is that most of the proposed reductions need legislative action to implement.  The legislature has indicated that they will not hold a special session until later in the year if at all.  They may opt to wait until their next regular session beginning in January of 2021.

LeadingAge Washington has been advocating DSHS, the legislature, the Office of Financial Management, and the Governor’s office arguing against any funding reductions to long term care given the vitally important health and supportive care services members’ provide; particularly during a pandemic. We are also working with a broad coalition of long term care providers on many of these issues.

We will send updates as we receive them.




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July 29, 2020