HHS Announces New Funding from the Provider Relief Fund

HHS Announces New Funding from the Provider Relief Fund

HHS has announced that they will devote another $5 billion of the Provider Relief Fund to Medicare-certified nursing homes.  The intent of these funds is “to build nursing home skills and enhance nursing homes’ response to COVID-19, including enhanced infection control. This funding could be used to address critical needs in nursing homes including hiring additional staff, implementing infection control “mentorship” programs with subject matter experts, increasing testing, and providing additional services, such as technology so residents can connect with their families if they are not able to visit. ” 

CMS has partnered with the CDC to create “an online, self-paced, on-demand Nursing Home COVID-19 Training focused on infection control and best practices.”  There will be 23 modules.  This training must be completed before a nursing home is able to receive these new funds.  CMS and the CDC have not announced when the training will be available, when the training must be completed, and how many staff at the nursing home must complete the training.

We will send more information as it becomes available.




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