HHS Provider Relief Funds Update

HHS Provider Relief Funds Update

LeadingAge has updated their Provider Relief Fund Explainer.  You can find the updated explainer here.  This new update includes information on the Medicaid/CHIP distribution as well as the SNF-Only distribution.

A few upcoming dates to be aware of are –

·         July 20: Deadline for eligible Medicaid & CHIP providers to apply for $15B Medicaid Distribution.  

·         July 23: Attestation deadline for General Distribution payments received April 24  

·         August 20: Attestation deadline for Targeted SNF-Only Distribution payments received May 22 

·         October 10:  Due date for calendar quarter report for July 1 – September 30 due to HHS and Pandemic Response Committee. 

There was no report due at the beginning of July as HHS decided that they had enough data to complete the reports.  They have not released reporting requirements for the October 10 due date.  When these requirements are released, we will notify providers.




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