Provider Relief Fund Updates

Provider Relief Fund Updates

  • Next round of Phase 3 payments are still scheduled to go out the week of January 25.  Funds will continue to be distributed into February as application quality review is completed
  • HHS has still not issued Nursing Home Infection Control Incentive Payments for November or December performance yet.  November payments are still pending OMB approval but once approved, are already scheduled to go out. 
  • Reporting Portal to Open but Reporting Deadline to be Delayed:  The Reporting Portal is scheduled to open Friday, January 15 and members are encouraged to sign up once it opens.  HHS has also said it will issue a formal announcement —hopefully yet this week — that the reporting deadline will be delayed (first report, originally, was to be due Feb 15).  In addition, we expect revised guidance and FAQs to also be released in the next few days to align with the new requirements from the Congressional COVID Relief Package. 
  • Members with TIN validation issue: There are members whose TINs weren’t validated through one or more of the General Distribution application processes – Phase 2 or 3.  HHS has told us we will have an opportunity to submit these TINs and provider information to them as part of another validation process.  There will be a process set up for members to enter their data if they are having TIN validation issues. We will share this collection process once established.




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January 13, 2021