LeadingCare Network Northwest (LCN NW)

LeadingCare Network Northwest (LCN NW)

About Us:  The LeadingCare Network Northwest (LCN NW) is a group of LeadingAge Washington members who have come together to form a managed care network to negotiate reimbursement contracts with a variety of health insurance plans.  The foundation of LCN NW is built on quality. Each member of the network submits data on a number of outcome measures to show our value to both payors and hospital partners.  Each member receives a dashboard that depicts their quality on datapoints such as 30-day unplanned readmissions, falls with major injury and antipsychotic use.  These data points are anchored to both state and national benchmarks and are updated each year.  LCN NW members work together to ensure older adults coming into our facilities receive the best care in the setting appropriate for them. 

Member Benefits: Providers who join LCN NW enjoy several benefits.  As a member of the network, managed care contracts are negotiated at the network level.  Once contracts are secured, members are educated about the terms of the contract to ensure they can maximize performance and compliance under those contracts.  If a member has contract issues with a payor, network staff will intervene and assist in addressing those issues.  LCN NW also maintains credentialing information for members to later share with payers; the data is uploaded once for efficiencies.  The contract negotiation, contract management and credentialing performed by LCN NW takes a significant administrative burden off providers so they can focus on providing care to the older adults they serve.

The LCN NW Quality Program provides information to each member regarding the outcomes they are achieving on a variety of data points so they can assess their service delivery models and make changes to improve overall care.  This makes each provider, and the network as a whole, more attractive to payers.

Senior care is changing, older adults want to stay at home with appropriate services as long as possible.  As a member of LCN NW, the network serves as a hub for providers to integrate and coordinate care and services to improve the health care experience for older adults today and into the future.