Fearless in the Face of Crisis: 1 Year Leadership Training * Register with DRIVE Today!

Fearless in the Face of Crisis: 1 Year Leadership Training * Register with DRIVE Today!

We are excited to partner with DRIVE to bring to you a Leadership Break for 2021!

Enrollment their brand new Fearless in the Face of Crisis package deal, including the game-changing, on-demand Fearless course, is now open.  Click here and work with Denise live in 2021!

Message from Denise and her Team…

If you want to jet propel over your leadership roadblocks and seriously upgrade your leadership mindset this year, I’m offering an incredible deal where you can access my best leadership material all in one convenient online package.

You’ll notice the limited time price reduction to just $180. That’s a savings of almost $70 from our normal price. I just had to do it!! I have watched too many leaders struggle this past year. Too many great leaders filled with crippling doubt and uncertainty. And the stress! And the lost sleep! And the time spent away from loved ones! All while never-ending work demands and urgencies keep pulling them farther away from the life and career they wanted.

I am sick of it. And if you are too, this is YOUR time to put an end to that overwhelming feeling and get back in control. But the price returns to normal on February 1st.

Join the Fearless family! There’s literally no better time to. With added content and a new lower price, how could you say no?!

And if you are wondering what getting Fearless is all about, it’s the ultimate in confidence–in yourself and your abilities. It’s not looking back, not doubting, not giving up one single minute more wishing things could be different. It’s a leadership mindset that is powerful yet supportive. And it is the only mindset to have if you are looking to motivate a weary team to keep going to greatness.

When you sign up for the Fearless in the Face of Crisis package, you’ll receive:

  • Lifetime access to my life-changing online leadership mindset course, Fearless in the Face of Crisis!
  • Lifetime access to my widely praised presentation, Secrets Your Employees Aren’t Telling You!
  • Membership in the Fearless Facebook Group – it’s a little corner of the internet where I LOVE to hang out and give out oodles of leadership advice!
  • Live group coaching calls EVERY month in 2021 with me!
  • 7 total NAB and SHRM continuing education credits for completion of Fearless (5.75) and Secrets (1.25)
  • A hefty discount! Woah, all this for $180!!!

What you’ll learn:

Methods to overcome your leadership roadblocks and upgrade your leadership mindset through tried and true methods backed by over 40 years of research.

Ways to leverage your strengths but also broaden your horizons to include new and innovative leadership techniques.

How to uncover vital information from your current workforce that will once and for all put an end to your retention and recruitment struggles!

Practical ways to manifest and achieve a better quality of life at work, which makes for a happier and more fulfilled life overall.

And I will support you every step of the way!

My courses work, and I’ve helped hundreds of leaders, like you, from all over the country; brand new leaders to leaders with decades under their belts. If you want to work with me and be part of our Fearless community in 2021, click here to complete your registration.

Here’s the truth: You will get the best results faster when you participate in live coaching with me and throw yourself deep into our incredibly supportive community–with moi working right alongside you every month throughout 2021.

I’M SO EXCITED to offer this! If you’re ready to make this your best year yet, then join us now.

>> Fearless in the Face of Crisis package enrollment

It’s your time, and you’re ready for the next step.  

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