Speak Out for Washington Seniors

Speak Out for Washington Seniors

Since 2017, nineteen nursing homes—10% of the nursing homes in the state of Washington—have closed. Nearly 70% of the patients in skilled nursing facilities rely on the State Medicaid program, yet rates are so inadequate that facilities are being forced to close. 

When nursing homes close, people are harmed. Patients suffer transfer trauma. Families are unable to provide much needed support when patients are transferred out of their areas. Caregivers suffer wage interruption and job loss, as well as grief and loss. 

The Legislature must understand that a budget process that puts people at risk is unacceptable.

We all have a role in this effort–here are some ways your teams can help inform and motivate your family members, employees, and community members to reach out to the Legislature to demand a solution:

  • Like, comment and share: Connect with the Washington Health Action Network on Facebook @WAHealthaction
  • Share this compelling video about what happens when a nursing home closes. 
  • Create an Advocacy Hub: Ask your families, friends, and employees to connect with the Washington Health Action Network by setting up a display encouraging action. We’ve created materials for your ease of reproduction and use:
  1. Call to Action Poster(11″ x 17″ poster)
  2. Postcard(print back-to-back)
  3. Letter to Family Members
  4. Payroll Stuffer

Set up a laptop computer or IPad for families and employees to share the video about nursing home closures during employee and family meetings, and ask participants to send an email message through wahealthactionnetwork.com  

Provider Toolkit

Alyssa Odegaard – Vice President, Public Policy, LeadingAge Washington ~ c: 206.948.2279