Washington State Legislative Session Educational Classes

Washington State Legislative Session Educational Classes

The Washington State Legislative Information Center offers free classes to the public and state agencies on understanding the legislative process and navigating the Washington State Legislature website. The site includes many resources, including classes, tutorials and educational materials. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about this important process, please visit the Washington State Legislative Information Center Classes and Tutorials page and the additional Educational Materials page for more information. 

Here are a few examples of the offerings: 

  • Classes and Tutorials o Understanding the Legislative Process (about 1 hour / Class Handout, Watch Online) 
  • Navigating the Legislative Website (about 1 hour / Class Handout, Watch Online)
  • Advanced Legislative Website Use (about 1 hour / Class Handout) 
  • Bill Tracking (MP4) o E-Mail Notification of Hearings (PDF) 
  • How to Read the Bill History Page (PDF) (Video) o RSS for Bill Tracking and Status Change Notification (PDF) 
  • How to Search for Bills on the Legislative Website (PDF) 
  • How to Research an RCW’s History (PDF)

You can find the full Dear Provider letter from DSHS with more information here.




Alyssa Odegaard- Vice President, Public Policy 

c: 206.948.2279