2-day Virtual Training: Preventing, Closing, and Preventing Recurrence of Hard-To-Heal Wounds * February 9th & 10th

2-day Virtual Training: Preventing, Closing, and Preventing Recurrence of Hard-To-Heal Wounds * February 9th & 10th

Preventing, Closing, and Preventing Recurrence of Hard-to-Heal Wounds with AMT

VIRTUAL TRAINING: February 9th and 10th  11:00 a.m. – 2:15 p.m. each day


This program will discuss tissue injury from the perspectives of preventing and treating hard-to-heal wounds. It is important clinicians recognize threats to tissue health for the population served in long-term care nursing facilities. When tissue health prevention fails the result is often hard-to-heal wounds such as pressure ulcer/injuries or other wound etiologies. Attend this program to discuss prevention of tissue injury, current wound closure interventions, tissue/wound closure augmentation using supportive modalities such as negative pressure and preventing recurrence of wounds you’ve managed to close. Content is based on current evidence-based practices and CMS regulatory guidelines (F686, F684) for prevention and treatment, and reporting (MDS, Section M) of hard-to-heal wounds. This is a basic to intermediate program appropriate for treatment nurses, clinical team leadership such as DONs/ADONs, and other interdisciplinary members such as therapy and providers.


Dr. Pamela Scarborough is currently the Vice President of Clinical Affairs for American Medical Technologies. Her career spans over 40 years having practiced across the continuum of care. Dr. Scarborough is board certified as a wound specialists (CWS) and is a prolific author having been published in various wound management books, monographs and periodicals. In addition, she currently mentors, trains and educates others in the specialty of wound management. She has served on multiple wound related boards and conference planning committees and presents nationally and internationally. Dr. Scarborough’s license is in physical therapy and has the privilege of providing education for many health care professionals across licensure and clinical focus from CNAs to physicians, nurses, and surveyors and others in this highly specialized area of practice, wound prevention and management.

Structure: 6-hour program over 2 separate days. 3-hours each day. The first day is recognition (assessments) and prevention of wounds. The second day is treatment, augmentation and preventing recurrence of wounds.


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LeadingAge WA Member:  $95.00 (per person)
Non-Member: $145.00 (per person)
6 Education Credits
6 DHSH Credits (Approval Pending)
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