Bill Would Greatly Expand HUD Service Coordinators

Bill Would Greatly Expand HUD Service Coordinators

On September 15, Representative Adam Smith (D-WA) introduced the Expanding Service Coordinators Act. The bill would authorize funding for at least 350 new service coordinators, urge HUD to include service coordinators in new community budgets, ensure funding for annual training of service coordinators, require a GAO study on rural service coordinators, and extend public service student loan forgiveness to service coordinators. Representative Smith’s press release on the bill’s introduction included endorsement and a quote from LeadingAge president and CEO Katie Smith Sloan: “Service coordinators in affordable housing communities for low-income older adults help residents access vital services, from transportation to physician appointments, and provide critical help, such as assistance with Medicaid programs, which allows residents to live independently. Research shows that in communities with service coordinators, residents’ use of more expensive taxpayer-funded health care programs is reduced. Yet, despite service coordinators’ proven value, funding for these roles has, for too long, been meager. Mission-driven affordable senior housing providers, including thousands of LeadingAge members, are eager to increase service coordinators’ numbers across their affordable housing portfolio. LeadingAge is grateful for Representative Smith’s introduction of the Expanding Service Coordinators Act, which recognizes the need for and seeks the bold service coordinator expansion older adults deserve.” Read more in this article.




Alyssa Odegaard – Vice President, Public Policy 
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September 21, 2022